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Copyright © 2015 Dragon Star Protection™ DSP All Rights Reserved and Associated Products Connected to DSP.

We at Dragon Star Protection represent a unique idea.

We are a team of multi-disciplinary, highly committed security personnel and risk management professionals.

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We value our business partners, members of the TEAM, affiliates, associates and particularly our clients,

at whose service we are and on behalf of whom we desire to offer our expertise in prevention, protection, preservation and risk management.

Business risk constantly evolves; to stand still in operational risk management is to invite reversals. As facilitators of the operational risk management process, DSP places significant value on creative thought, particularly from within organisations themselves. Operational risk management demands context-specific solutions, and the combination of our expertise and know-how with our clients’ own ideas and views produces cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

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  • Live Nation

  • Festival Republic

  • Aston Martin Racing

  • Rolls-Royce Motors

  • British Show Jumping Association

  • Mahindra Racing

  • Horse Of The Year Show

  • Lucas Films 

  • Warner Brothers

  • E.L.P.

  • MCM ComicCon

  • Premiership Football

  • Championship Football

  • Equeshian Events

  • ATP Tennis


Copyright © 2015 Dragon Star Protection™ DSP All Rights Reserved and Associated Products Connected to DSP.

DSP and our TEAM have gathered a wide of range of experience within this sector, whether it is small or on a grand scale.

We take pride in maintaining excellent relationships with many festival and event organisers throughout the United Kingdom. 

"Talent without application is wasted".


We believe our role is to assist organisations in preventing loss,

protecting their primary assets, preserving conditions that guarantee success and managing residual risk.

We help businesses achieve these objectives through persistence, integrity, commitment and in complete confidentiality.

Looking to join us?

Visit our Recruitment page.


Open from:​

09.00 am - 18.00 pm 

Monday - Friday

DSP GP Dog Unit
DSP Drug Dog Unit
Lords of Lightening - Arcadia
Relief Staff!!!
DSP GP Dog Unit
DSP Drug Dog Unit
Lingfield Races
Savoy London
Aston Martin Racing
Royal Windsor
Cardington Hangars
Mahindra Racing F1-E
Horse of the Year Show
Horse of the Year Show
Royal International
Horse of the Year Show
Horse of the Year Show
Private CP Task
Savoy London
DSP Comedy Culture Clash
Millenium Studios
Birmingham NEC
Birmingham NEC
Private CP Task
La Ferrari-E
Horse of the Year Show

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